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Sexylive chat. I felt tired and so did Bess and soon we both seemed to drift off to sleep and I only awoke to find myself lying on a bed in the hotel, I looked around to find Bess but she was not there.

I got off the bed and went to the door but it was locked, I heard a sound behind me and looked around only to see a television monitor which showed Bess asleep on a bed in another room, a young woman came into her room and approached her and started to undress her, she first took off her blouse and then her bra and I saw for the first time my wife’s beautiful firm breasts and quite large nipples, then she took off Bess’s skirt and then her shoes and stockings and then removed her knickers , at this time the camera moved in to a close up of her virgin pussy and again this was my first view of her lightly hairy cunt , her pubes looked slightly swollen , she was after all at her most highly fertile time and it was obvious that her cunt was ready for my cock to take her hymen and deposit my sperm in her virgin womb My cock began to swell with the thought of what I was going to do and imagined that this was something she had fixed up to amuse me, the woman then shook Bess awake and gave her a drink from a glass which she drank fully,the woman then left and a few moments later a man entered her room Bess tried to cover herself up with her hands but soon realised that she could not move her arms, the man then took off his shirt and moved towards her and began to stroke her breasts and the camera moved in so that it was showing her nipples beginning to enlarge and protrude further , he played with them for a little time and the camera focussed on her cunt to show her pubes becoming engorged with blood and a small trickle of her juices emerging from her enroused cunt. Sexylive chat.

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