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Local random chat. It was over.

Im out of there now. Its done.

Am in the woods near his place. I need 5 minutes to get my head straight.

He wanted to take me home but I cant stand to be near him right now. I have some cum on my neck and in my hair.

Im covered in my own piss and Im in a daze. You did totally humiliate me, but I did it to please you. Local random chat.

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Free local live sex chat. Of course it is so hard to relax when there are so many questions.

I now feel you moving my arms to the chair arms where you clamp some sort of metal device over each, holding them firmly in place. I protest.

You tell me to hush up or you will gag me too… WHOA, now that came from left field.

Next I feel you lift one leg into a metal contraption, much like that of an OB birthing table, but my leg gets locked in, unable to move; next you do the other leg. Free local live sex chat.

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Xxx local chat dawonload. i was all too weak now, and decided to eat before trying again. i was angry with myself for not obeying my Masters orders, so before eating i got to the drawer where we kept all of our toys, picked up the biggest buttplug, some tigerbalm and a vibrator. i inserted the buttplug, put a lot of tiger balm on my clit and inserted the vibrator. Xxx local chat dawonload.

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